Submit an artwork

Hi, I'm blinry, the curator of the Glitch Gallery! Thanks for your interest in submitting an artwork! We're looking for:

  1. images, animations, or videos
  2. created by computers or other technical systems
  3. which are pretty
  4. and were created unintentionally.

You can submit your own art, or art by other people. In the latter case, we will take care of asking for their consent to display their art in the Glitch Gallery.

A word about licenses

We will ask you to select a license for your art. We suggest a range of Creative Commons licenses, which promote freedom, and will allow many people to see your art, which we think is great! You can find more information about the respective licenses on the terms of use page, and by reading the full license text linked after the license names.

CC0 1.0 (full license text)

This is the most permissive option. Your art is basically placed in the public domain, which will allow us, for example, to use it to promote the Museum on flyers, stickers, or (possibly) merchandise. Thanks for giving your art to the world!

CC BY 4.0 (full license text)

This variant requires that, when your art is displayed somewhere, you must be credited by your name. This restricts where we'll be able to use it, but we will probably still use it on some flyers, making sure to comply with this requirement. If you're not sure, we'd recommend this option.

CC BY-SA 4.0 (full license text)

This variant additionally requires that if your art is modified, the result must be released under the same license as the original, which means it will keep a free license. Some might prefer this "copyleft" mechanism, some might not.

Ready? Great! There are two ways to submit your artwork:

Option 1: Send us an email

Click this link to open our template in your default mail client. If that doesn't work, please copy the template below into your mail client.

Fill out the template, and attach your artwork. Files of virtually any size should work.


Subject: [Glitch Gallery] Submission

title: Some Pretentious Artsy Title (like "Uncontained" or "The Eye of the Cube")
creator: Your Name (real name or nickname, seperate multiple creators with "&")
homepage: (remove this line if you don't want a link on your name, seperate homepages of multiple creators with "&")
year: 20XX (when was this art created?)
license: CC0 1.0 or CC BY 4.0 or CC BY-SA 4.0 (remove this line if you're not the creator)

What went wrong when this art was created? What did you actually want to do? Which software or technology did you use? Visitors love to read all the nerdy details here!

You can use the Markdown syntax here to insert *italic text* or [links](

Dont' forget to attach your artwork! (Or link to it, if it's hard to extract from a tweet, for example!)

Option 2: Create a pull request

This is an option for you if you know how to use Git, and have a GitHub account:

  1. Fork the project on GitHub: blinry/glitchgallery
  2. Clone it to your machine, and make a copy of the template directory:

  3. $ git clone
    $ cd glitchgallery/content/
    $ git checkout -b title-of-your-art
    $ cp -r template title-of-your-art
  4. Fill out title-of-your-art/, and drop your art files into the same directory.
  5. Make and push a commit:

  6. $ git add title-of-your-art
    $ git commit -m "Add Some Artsy Title"
    $ git push
  7. Now, go to your fork and create a pull request. You're done! Thank you so much!

Still have questions?

Send us a mail to or a DM on Twitter: @glitchgallery.